Silly deal

Well this one is a bit odd, but seemingly useful. I can imagine the quality or lumen’s are excellent but it does hold the defensive properties you might need. Check it out here, and if you get one let me know in the comments, I am dying to know what its like.

Deal alert

While I can’t comment on the build quality or features the price sure is right. Head here for Slickguns deal on a 900 lm waterproof torch. Get one? Let me know what you think below.

Power key

Check out this pricey little guy. It shouldn’t be a surprise the Surefire is premium build and price but long lasting, their new Sidekick offers some serious punch in a little case. A small (car fob) size package holds a USB rechargeable 5-300 LM in 2 oz. Pretty small and decent run time (1.25 to…

A different approach

Ran across these over a Digital Trends, its a unique take on small ultralight EDC torch. It’s not something I have run across but the idea is interesting. Its a small matchbook of portable lights, just like a book of matches you pull them out to “strike” and it emits a small amount light through…

Holy overkill

There is a torch, then there is harnessing the power of the sun. If the latter is your speed then cruise over to Oh Gizmo! and look at this bad mother. Features 7,911 LM’s and a modest price tag of $175, not bad for something that will blind/kill. It’s a kickstarter so jump on it…

Compact function

Look at this little guy, BioLite just released some new products for 2016. This guy packs some big features into a little case. Offered in colors this rechargeable pock power house clips on to just about anything which means a myriad of different use cases. With USB recharge and a handy power meter this could…

Unique options

Well not something I can say is a terrible idea but I need hands on. I am a big fan of multi purpose gear since space in most cases is at a premium. I carry one torch that generally does it all, no headlamp, no backup, no extra batteries. In this case I am intrigued…


I started with a very specific end game in mind, that inspiration came from other places people that you come in contact with and my own sources of inspiration. a big one is, this has been an excellent site to follow and offers some cool ideas. EDC on!  

To the weekend

Here is a little something to get you geared up for the weekend. I swear I could watch this 1000 times and still not get tired of it. Happy Friday!

Defensive Nitecore

Ok this is next on the list, talk about some flexibility. Check out the Nitecore P12GT, a buddy just ordered it so I cant wait to get hands on. This is the ultimate in flexibility, defensive cap, filters, tail button, weapon button. Jack of all trades here, have one or hate it? let me know…