Back to basics

I will admit starting out I didn't spend as much time researching lights as i should have. I mean I has an addiction already so it was easy just to keep buying, but what if you really wanted to know what an ideal purchase might be? I did a little digging and found out there... Continue Reading →


Smarter lights

It would appear the smart lantern scene is simply blowing up. It might be easy to stuff too much into something as simple as a base camp light, but the right companies are doing the right moves. BioLite known for some excellent products in general have mad the move into smarter lights for camping/backpacking. Take... Continue Reading →

Cold light

Meet the multi function can cooler and light. This may be the end to lost beers, at least for me. At the modest price of $10 its pretty much a done deal, fashion and multi-function get it here.

Tiny tactical

Well another addition to the micro line, here is something only the manly need to seek. Its what it looks like and shines like, a small pocket light. While there are little features to speak of the size a lone makes it tempting. The simple fact here? Small is easy to carry and concealable. Check... Continue Reading →

People power

There is a certain guarantee when it comes to new tech, it will take awhile. But its hard not to get excited then you run into something like this, powering a torch with your finger? It's likely happened to anyone who carries a torch daily, batteries die and sometimes its just difficult to carry extras.... Continue Reading →

Micro torch

I am not a huge fan of the key chain or micro torches but I am aware they have a place. I simply prefer something a little easier to handle and more lumens. With that being said, a small key chain or micro torch as a third option is always a good idea. The below... Continue Reading →

For the diver

While I dont personally spend time in water (I live in a desert) I could see some uses for the below. Its a modular approach to the divers light and looks like it offers some excellent customization and USB recharge both right up my alley, take a look $150

Multi use lantern

If we have talked gear then you know I love for multi function tools. I hate dragging arounf items that serve one purpose. The below supports this addiction by offering a number of features packed into a decent sized package. While I doubt it will make it into the back country (due to size) it... Continue Reading →

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