Back to basics

I will admit starting out I didn’t spend as much time researching lights as i should have. I mean I has an addiction already so it was easy just to keep buying, but what if you really wanted to know what an ideal purchase might be? I did a little digging and found out there is some good data, its just horribly out out of style. So I went ahead an complied a few of the basics to get you started. Read the full report here.


Smarter lights

It would appear the smart lantern scene is simply blowing up. It might be easy to stuff too much into something as simple as a base camp light, but the right companies are doing the right moves. BioLite known for some excellent products in general have mad the move into smarter lights for camping/backpacking. Take their new Base Lantern, similar features are found elsewhere however there are some strong advances, featuring a smart app that doesn’t just control the light but offers analytic’s on usage, expansion light set to power additional spaces, and some alarm functionality this goes beyond camping and might make its place in your home as well. Check it out here to help fund it.

Cold light

Meet the multi function can cooler and light. This may be the end to lost beers, at least for me. At the modest price of $10 its pretty much a done deal, fashion and multi-function get it here.


People power

There is a certain guarantee when it comes to new tech, it will take awhile. But its hard not to get excited then you run into something like this, powering a torch with your finger? It’s likely happened to anyone who carries a torch daily, batteries die and sometimes its just difficult to carry extras. For every problem there is a solution, take a look at this a new device that powers and LED with the power of you , a la The Matrix. While I cant imagine it cranks out the lumens it could serve as a solid backup, or you can keep looking for 123C batteries. your call.



Micro torch

I am not a huge fan of the key chain or micro torches but I am aware they have a place. I simply prefer something a little easier to handle and more lumens. With that being said, a small key chain or micro torch as a third option is always a good idea. The below seems to be pretty durable and has a nice color to it, while it might be light on features its surely very durable, but  I will be sticking to me Fenix LD09. $37 if you simply mus have it!


For the diver

While I dont personally spend time in water (I live in a desert) I could see some uses for the below. Its a modular approach to the divers light and looks like it offers some excellent customization and USB recharge both right up my alley, take a look $150


Multi use lantern

If we have talked gear then you know I love for multi function tools. I hate dragging arounf items that serve one purpose. The below supports this addiction by offering a number of features packed into a decent sized package. While I doubt it will make it into the back country (due to size) it seems freezable on just about every other trip. Check it our here, $200.