Big lumens

While the specs sounded out of this world I couldn't help but scoop up the Klarus Mi7. It has some big claims but does it stack up? Let's take a closer look.


Little big light

Looking to lighten your load? there are options here, while maybe not the most tactical lights a backup is also important for if something fails or if 1000 lumens just isn't needed. There are few pocket options that have the power to stand up to larger models but the Lumintop AAA is an exception. If you... Continue Reading →

Why carry

If it's not obvious, Aaron from Sage Dynamics and I see very eye to eye. Here is more great information on why to EDC a light and some other ideas. The one gotcha here is he changes his stance on how many lumens, he has claimed in the past too much will wash you out or... Continue Reading →

Flashlight holds

It's important to find a good hold and even more important to practice. For those not used to this here is a great video that shows all the different holds from a number of different angles. Try some, and practice.

Low light pistol

More tactics from Sage Dynamics, Aaron is a big proponent of light and its power as force multiplier. He has some good videos, this one outlines uses and drill you could test (dry fire) to get used to the holds and moves.  

Fresh ideas

Aaron Cowan is a sharp dude, he has some great videos outlining drills you can practice for those that carry every day. There are some people that don't believe in carrying a torch every day or at all (I know weird) but let me share this to help with that. Take a look below for... Continue Reading →

Touch power

Not as common it is certainly a bold move. The IndieGoGoproject for a touch button flashlight is certainly gaining some attention from the outdoor gear junkies. It looks promising and will even charge your phone when out and about. I like the idea and the fact they included a backup mechanical button since I doubt... Continue Reading →

Deal alert

Another one just came across, while maybe not a major brand or stand out features this is an excellent weapon backup. It's a Ultrafire which I have owned in the past with some success however in this case it includes a remote switch for weapon mounting. I can't comment on how well it holds up... Continue Reading →


The Tube from Nitecore has always been ver popular (see for a long time. Now it looks like the company is branching out and offering some newer and feature packed options. We covered the TIP recently with some added power and benefits but they have also dropped the Thumb as well to cover som additional bases, besides... Continue Reading →

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