Fresh tactics

While the setup to test and perform this drill may be more than you have available it could be adjusted. It’s really something you will need to practice to get good at, but I do love these little field notes from SureFire.



While there are plenty of differing opinions on weapon mount or not, here is a fresh idea. I actually learned two things, easier ways to custom cut ranger bands, as well as a fantastic way to the weapon mount your EDC light. There are a few factors you still need to consider like will your handguard support this setup? does the body of your EDC light have a body that will work? is this better? While you will likely need to test or play with the setup to find out but it does offer some flexibility as well as a backup plan should your primary fail. In my case, this is ideal since I love the power, size, and weight of my current light as well as being comfortable with my EDC lights operation. Good idea!

700-lumen​ ultra light

While I am still falling in love with my Mi7, Klarus went and made something else to take a chunk of the paycheck. The new XT1C is a light weight compact powerhouse, while still boasting the 1m drop resistance and 2m water resistance there is much more below the surface. With a blistering 700 lumens (same as Mi7) you will get some other add-ons like new memory settings, outdoor and tactical modes, as well as a dual spring internal design to mitigate shock when paired with your firearm. Running a 16340 (included) you get 53 minutes of runtime on full and down the line from there. At under 2oz without battery, it’s sure it fit nicely in the pocket. Full details here, but it sure looks fantastic.


Carry guide

No light will do you any good if you leave it at home so picking something small but still useable is essential. Here is a top 5 guide for those looking for something small and more powerful that will fit into a summer carry or for those that just don’t have the pocket real-estate available. Full read here.

True natural

Even though it’s out of stock currently there are few lights that sport a natural color palette. Triple Aught Design a fantastic gear maker, in general, has some solid design and color options for their LensLight line. While it boasts many of the usual specs and runs a CR123 boasting a powerful 330-lumen output. The tail cap activation looks very clean and easy and without a ton of settings you are sure to get light in a hurry if needed. The big win here is the color option, details here if you need more.


Friday deals

Some excellent deals from Amazon and others with a good variety of lights. Take a look below for some payday deals.

SureFire Backup (500 lumen)- $147.54

Nitecore MH20 (1000 lumen) bundle- $73.86

de.power DP-016CR-C (350 lumen)- $19.95

Fenix E01 various colors (10 lumens)- $10.95

SureFire X300 Ultra weapon mount (500 lumens)- $269.10

SureFire E1D (300 lumens)- $155.00

Guard dog stun gun and light (380 lumens)- $29.99

Guard dog stun gun and light (110 lumens)- $19.99

MagLiteMAGTAC kit (543 lumens)- $86.99 use promo code 0906LMSLAM185 for additional savings

MagLite MAGTAC- $56.00




Well if you are going to carry a light for defense I’m not sure it gets better than this. While the defensive properties of a powerful light are well known not many features a Taser as well. This one has both a powerful light as well as a Taser built in, this would be ideal for the multi-use self-defense seeker. While the specs are scarce on the light portion not sure it matters if it has a stun setting built in. Check it out here for more details.


One or both?

There is a major debate across all forums and in every corner of the internet. Weapon mount or handheld? While there are pro’s and con’s to both I found (albeit older) in depth look at both and I personally agree with all the points made. It is ultimately a personal decision with cost, control, and comfort all playing a part it never hurts to do some research and more importantly test your setup as often as possible. The video below is a great intro/overview but click here for the full detail.'s%20Better%20for%20Shooters%3F

Compact defense

Fenix makes a fantastic light, strong and often has a deep line to support all needs. I need more on the compact size since I carry everywhere, while the LD09 checked a lot of boxes I came across the LD11 that seemed to fit even better. While I did some research, what showed up at my door is not at all what I expected. Get the details here on the LD11 and where is comes on strong, and where it falls short.


Smart beam

While it wasn’t clear to me originally what intellibeam technology was I did come across some great info. Surefire is pretty far ahead of most when it comes to advanced light technology and design. Their new adjustable beam technology has excellent practical application for those in CQB and low light. Take a look at the below video for details, but be warned this is something you will need for the LEO/military crowd.