Minimal Monster

The good people at Foursevens were kind enough to give us a preview of the brand new Mini Mark II, an update on their classic EDC light. While we have never been a huge fan of twist to activate this might change our mind. The MK2 packs a serious punch for its small frame and is surprisingly easy to manipulate one-handed, this thing punches well above its weight in the compact class. While this is just prototype there are lots to be excited about, its comes with a fantastic dual position pocket clip with deep carry and a separate swappable lanyard/keychain style clip. The small form factor keeps the light extremely flexible in carry styles, if it’s clipped in a pocket, keychain or paired with paracord lanyard you will likely forget it’s there. Powered by a CR123A its cranks out a max power of 1020 lumens on high, it also has a medium setting and an ultra-low with the latter featuring a 19-day runtime. There is memory built in to keep it on the last power setting and the cap can be depressed in order to change mode or momentary on. It also features 6 modes selected by twisting 10 times, to setup based on what works best for the mission, modes include SOS strobe and sub-low settings (details here). While we don’t have all the final specs yet it’s still made from aircraft grade aluminum (critical heat dissipation for the hot 1020 lumen mode) with some great texture on the sides for a solid grip and has an O-ring protected cap for waterproofing.  One thing I was pleasantly surprised with was the focus of the beam, shockingly enough you get a decently controllable beam for the size of the light. For the minimalist that doesn’t want to sacrifice power, this is your light. While this is only the prototype I look forward to a full rundown on the production model, the date is not set for availability but it should in November.

Update: pre- orders are being taken now and feature some additional benefits over the prototype we looked at, go here for the unit with micro charger and battery (the only way to get the full 1020 lumens) or here for the basic unit with standard battery.



Fresh Tactics

While Surefire is certainly well known for excellent lights they have also been producing a fantastic Youtube series as well. They have gathered experts from across the US to sound off on some tactics and best practices. This time they have Tyler Grey adding input on fundamentals for light application. Whether you are on offense or defense these are solid tips. Just remember to practice.

Feature Mix

While kickstarter’s for lights area dime a dozen every so often there is a great idea. Like the Zerohour Ignite, a small form factor light with some big features. While the feature set isnt earth shattering this combo of features covers a lot of bases. It features your standard waterproofing, twist to activate, and a good lumen rating maxing out at 385 (.5 for low, 100 for mid as well as strobe). The stand out here is a nice magnetic cap that can be used to attach directly to surfaces or allow you to connect it to keys or lanyard with quick detachment. It also offers a few finishes (titanium, black, or polished stainless) and for the most important part? USB recharge built in (rejoice!). A lot in a little package, you get a little more options and some good use/mounting flexibility. It’s already crushed its goal so it may not be long before its commercially available. Full read, here.



While I do love multi use tools and the realm of multi use flashlights i lacking these days, here is a beacon of hope. I am still trying to figure out if cooking food or starting a fire with your EDC torch is a good idea but it’s at least an option. From Wicked Laser’s, a 2300 lumen output is impressive and at 14oz its a little on the weighty side, but if you are in a pinch it could build a fire this is your light. It will set you back a nominal $199 for full specs check out the below video for full specs and don’t set your pants on fire. Liar.

Cool tool

Now here is something that’s destined to be the norm. We all know shopping for the right light can be difficult, some shops only carry a few brands/options and rarely let you try before you buy. Streamlight beat that mentality by building this cool tool to help alleviate the stress of dropping big bucks on a light only to find out the beam focus is less than desired. It’s certainly not complicated, pick the light and get instant insight into how it will perform. This is a game changer and I can only hope it will be widely adopted by other OEM’s. Link here.