Feature Mix


While kickstarter’s for lights area dime a dozen every so often there is a great idea. Like the Zerohour Ignite, a small form factor light with some big features. While the feature set isnt earth shattering this combo of features covers a lot of bases. It features your standard waterproofing, twist to activate, and a good lumen rating maxing out at 385 (.5 for low, 100 for mid as well as strobe). The stand out here is a nice magnetic cap that can be used to attach directly to surfaces or allow you to connect it to keys or lanyard with quick detachment. It also offers a few finishes (titanium, black, or polished stainless) and for the most important part? USB recharge built in (rejoice!). A lot in a little package, you get a little more options and some good use/mounting flexibility. It’s already crushed its goal so it may not be long before its commercially available. Full read, here.



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