Style options

Its no secret, we amoung others are in love with the Foursevens mini mk2. One of the constant complaints for many is the lack of finishes available for EDC lights. Behold your champion. There are some limited editions now available, but acr fast, these are likely to go quick with the holidays right around the corner. Details here of you need more info or check out our take. we can only hope they become permanent options, this certainly cements the MKII as our favorite of 2016 and a fantastic gift for anyone.


Fire and light

While it’s pretty common you will need both if you are outdoorsman it’s less common the two are combined. A new Kickstarter has popped up that has a pretty unique design offering the a pretty robust torch with fore making capabilites. It features a USB recharge, 150 lumens and a lantern mode. while not outstanding in features the combination is a must have. Full details here if you gotta have it.