More like a confession of flashlight junkie. I have been around long enough to know that being prepared is always cool and having the right tool for the job is even more important.
It means the difference between getting it done correctly/quickly/safely in most cases. This can be as simple as getting a key into a lock at night or even as extreme as fending off an attacker. The flashlight (torch in most circles) is a cornerstone of most EDC’s and has long been an item most can’t live without. I am a firm believer (after some tactical training) this is a must, its a tool you can take literally anywhere and with the right use can save your life or even overcome some major obstacles ranging from shooting better at night, finding your way, or helping others in an emergency. With all this use there are so many options, as unique as a firearm and often as debated I want to dedicate my time to testing and offering information to help you see the light (ha!) and make better choices when shopping or learning the use of light. this will include other tools but will mostly be dedicated to tactics, types, and reviews that will hopefully help you make an educated decision when moving towards the light. #lightitup




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