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Whether you wear a suit every day or just don’t have the pockets available there are still plenty of options for everyday carry lights. A great light needs to fit into your routine and in this case, match your style, but that shouldn’t mean you have to give up power or look. Here is a handy guide for some top lights that pack the right power in the small package that fits and goes anywhere and while most have standard waterproofing and drop resistance this selection goes above and beyond for every type of modern professional.


SureFire Titan plus- For the executive

It’s a simple but powerful little light, packing 300 lumens and a simple 3 setting operation. While it’s only powered by a simple AAA you still get plenty of light at 300 lumens, its slick style will make sure it fits into any carry load out and keeps a less aggressive look compared to others. It renowned for durability and right at 2 oz, you won’t even remember its there.


Fenix LD11 – Public defender

While a little on the larger side the LD11 still packs great power. Weighing in at just under 2 oz (1.87 without battery) it has a simple operation but you will pick up a strobe feature that comes in handy for those stuck walking through a rough neighborhood. The AA/14500 power source means peak performance pushing 300 lumens. With the flexible power source options, you will always be able to charge or find a replacement battery in a hurry.


FourSevens QuarkSmart QSL- The gadget fiend

On the surface, it looks like a simple light but for those that are more connected, you will get some extra features crammed into a nice neat little package. Coming in at 1.47 oz it’s a great weight and running a CR123A you get great wonderful light at 350 lumens. The added Bluetooth connectivity (apple only folks) you will get features like proximity alarm, run time, battery life, and even power control. This is a must for gadget nuts and app lovers alike.


Klarus Mi7 – the featherweight

Certainly, the smallest and lightest option but don’t be scared this little guy is packing. It comes out swinging with 700 lumens of peak power and running a common AA or 14500 rechargeable you get maximum flexibility. It features not only a strobe but also SOS as well as a lockout option to stop accidental activation. At .93 oz there are few things to hate here and this is without a doubt the most power for the size and won’t show in a suit pocket.


Olight S1R – On the go

Olight is often the most popular choice and it is pretty clear why. Its classic style and simply ridiculous power this is a cornerstone of most who carry a light every day. This one made the list for its blistering 900 lumen power levels and more specifically for its USB reachable option as well. It won’t slow you down at 1.27 oz so expect maximum flexibility and always running status.


Did something get missed? have any of these? Sound off below in the comments we would love to hear from you. Honestly.


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