Comeback Kid

Not really a comeback but Jetbeam has certainly flown under the radar, and this is too good to skip over. Jetbeam has made a number of great lights but this one stands out. The E20R has some serious power in a rather small package. It blasts out anywhere between 550 and 900 lumens depending on the power source and packs down to a measly 3in. Waterproof up to 2m with it’s IPX8 rating it’s got some serious durability. It’s side switch activation and low power indicator there is certainly a lot to love. Take a closer look here


Unlikely Hero

With some recent big move Smith & Wesson appear to be moving to diversify their gear offerings. This one is right up our alley with the Deta Force RM10 and RM20 you are getting some pocketable size and some rifle mountable power. The specs are pretty on par and the price is competitive. With mounts and remote switches you get to mount and un-mount accordingly, packing between 500 and 900 lumens, tail cap activation with setting memory, and CR123 power sources it’s likely to be a favorite. *Adds to shopping cart*

Carry light setup

It’s a battle as strong as carry caliber. While it seems less covered there is still plenty of views available on why or why not to run a pistol mounted light versus a handheld. This aticle has covered it very well and offers some good points in both directions and will hopefully make you think. I personally carry handheld and prefer it, this is so I can identify threats and de-escalate if needed or backup defensive tool. Bottom line whatever you run practice it, darkness is often a predators favorite cover.

Simplified Power

When picking a light for tactical or EDC use it’s easy to overlook charging style or even battery. Features like size, power and rail adoption often eclipse some critical features. Even more so if you need a backup light (everyone should) or an older light you just can’t seem to let go of. When I took a look at the ARB-L16-700U it was pretty unassuming, a battery with a USB port for charging. While there is certainly seems fairly uneventful I was pleased to see some simplification and efficiency. When in the field I already carry a larger battery pack for quick charging the GO Pro and Phone in emergencies, paired with a multi-adaptor for all kinds of USB types I am always ready for a power emergency. This little battery fits right in, I was able to keep my setup and eliminate extra batteries, additional cables, or magnetic bases. The charging was slow off of the battery pack (an older model) but much quicker off of a primary source (laptop) that again is always available. The real benefit here is the heat control, I have charged enough batteries to know that they get hot when charging. There is no doubt if the environment is already hot, tuning up a battery in that same environment is a bad idea. This is likely to damage charger, battery, or light. When running the ARB-L16-700U I noticed a much cooler battery, both indoors and out (direct summer heat) there was no noticeable change to the battery temp. Good news for those looking to stuff it in a pack while charging, or already in heated climates. Pair this with a small status light on top and you have everything for power on the go in one small package. The best news? I wasn’t forced to give up run time for these features. Take a look, it may be an upgrade you overlooked.


The Champ

I am always on the lookout for something small yet still powerful. A balance that is urgent to me since I rely on my lights for tactical practice and application but also everyday pocket carry. I had long looked to replace my current champ the LD 11 but with what? The PD 25 looked like it had it all, but was it able to meet the challenge. I put it through the ringer on a training trip to see how it would do. Read the full run down here.


Light holds

While it might not be secret, I am a huge proponent of light use for a number of reasons. De-escalation, target confirmation, and of course as a force multiplier. I prefer to run handheld since I have used my light for more reasons than just shooting or defense. While the below information isn’t anything new, one important takeaway is practice. You need to make this part of the routine, dry fire and live. Find something that works for you (or a few holds ideally) and start working them in. Listen to Travis, he knows.


Style options

Its no secret, we amoung others are in love with the Foursevens mini mk2. One of the constant complaints for many is the lack of finishes available for EDC lights. Behold your champion. There are some limited editions now available, but acr fast, these are likely to go quick with the holidays right around the corner. Details here of you need more info or check out our take. we can only hope they become permanent options, this certainly cements the MKII as our favorite of 2016 and a fantastic gift for anyone.

Fire and light

While it’s pretty common you will need both if you are outdoorsman it’s less common the two are combined. A new Kickstarter has popped up that has a pretty unique design offering the a pretty robust torch with fore making capabilites. It features a USB recharge, 150 lumens and a lantern mode. while not outstanding in features the combination is a must have. Full details here if you gotta have it.

Minimal Monster

The good people at Foursevens were kind enough to give us a preview of the brand new Mini Mark II, an update on their classic EDC light. While we have never been a huge fan of twist to activate this might change our mind. The MK2 packs a serious punch for its small frame and is surprisingly easy to manipulate one-handed, this thing punches well above its weight in the compact class. While this is just prototype there are lots to be excited about, its comes with a fantastic dual position pocket clip with deep carry and a separate swappable lanyard/keychain style clip. The small form factor keeps the light extremely flexible in carry styles, if it’s clipped in a pocket, keychain or paired with paracord lanyard you will likely forget it’s there. Powered by a CR123A its cranks out a max power of 1020 lumens on high, it also has a medium setting and an ultra-low with the latter featuring a 19-day runtime. There is memory built in to keep it on the last power setting and the cap can be depressed in order to change mode or momentary on. It also features 6 modes selected by twisting 10 times, to setup based on what works best for the mission, modes include SOS strobe and sub-low settings (details here). While we don’t have all the final specs yet it’s still made from aircraft grade aluminum (critical heat dissipation for the hot 1020 lumen mode) with some great texture on the sides for a solid grip and has an O-ring protected cap for waterproofing.  One thing I was pleasantly surprised with was the focus of the beam, shockingly enough you get a decently controllable beam for the size of the light. For the minimalist that doesn’t want to sacrifice power, this is your light. While this is only the prototype I look forward to a full rundown on the production model, the date is not set for availability but it should in November.

Update: pre- orders are being taken now and feature some additional benefits over the prototype we looked at, go here for the unit with micro charger and battery (the only way to get the full 1020 lumens) or here for the basic unit with standard battery.


Fresh Tactics

While Surefire is certainly well known for excellent lights they have also been producing a fantastic Youtube series as well. They have gathered experts from across the US to sound off on some tactics and best practices. This time they have Tyler Grey adding input on fundamentals for light application. Whether you are on offense or defense these are solid tips. Just remember to practice.