Fenix LD09 (2015)

Overview_ No surprise I can be a bit of a cheap skate, losing a $300 torch is not something I can stomach. Its not if but when for me, so I try to get items I wont be heart broken if I lose/break and just replace as needed. This is my first foray into Fenix lights, the are well known for PD35 that’s often carried by many. The little LD09 torch offers a fantastic size to power ratio while still managing to offering a common battery type. It checks a lot of boxes for me, but how does it hold up and is it too small?

Top/Cap_ Tail cap action makes this ideal for ambidextrous use and has a very solid construction, the rubber is tough with little sign of wear even after heavy use and every day pocket carry. The bottom will remove to change battery but the top does not, I have a little concern that over time dust may accumulate and it will be impossible to clean, so far I have not seen it but it’s in the back of my mind. While this model doesn’t have the defense crown (see LD11) it does sport some water proofing up to 2m, which is enough to survive a small splash down or some light raining. Due to its compact size it wont support any of the add on’s like remote, filters, or weapon mount which you will need to step up to something like the PD35 but I doubt thats something you would expect for the size.


Sides_ Strong texture gives it a great grip, in and out of gloves. Its super important here due to it’s size. The pocket clip is sturdy and attaches tight, it doesn’t advertise it but the clip can actually be reversed to attach to a hat or face out (love it) in case you need to attach it to another piece of gear for use. The build quality is excellent with pocket carry I only have a few blemishes and those are from drops, doesn’t seem to collect any extra finishes from other items making it pretty tough.


Activation_ Tail button only here, in this case its required due to size any side button operation would make it very difficult to use. Doesn’t support any add-on’s like its bigger brother the PD35 but its likely you wont want that based on the designed use. It doesn’t come with an additional replacement button like other models or some other manufacturers but it does include a replacement O ring JIC. It supports a Low Medium and High mode as well as SOS, if you prefer strobe (I do) take a look at the LD11 its much more defense oriented. Operating on either a AA or a 14500 you have some excellent flexibility here. Battery dead? no problem just rob a AA from somewhere else or use it until a freshly charge 14500 is ready, this is great for someone on the go, no need to extra batteries or bulky extra chargers. While the trade off will be some power- 14500 is 220 lumens while AA is on pushing 120 you will notice the performance drop. Some additional pluses here are the advanced circuitry which will prevent revere polarity not found on cheaper models or similar specs from other manufacturers and over heat protection which is VERY important when running the 14500 on High.


Pro’s_ price is on the affordable side, up to 220 lumens, tough, either AA or 14500

Con’s_ small -it might be too small for someone with big mitts, missing strobe, no color matching on the clip (dah fuh?), not weapon mountable

bottom line_ love this little guy, its awesome to know I can recharge it or just run a AA in an emergency, the few flaws I have found can be fixed by moving into either the LD11 or RC05 to add either more power or USB recharge recharge. I’m very impressed with durability and over all build quality it offers a great size, price, and power for the basic EDC its quickly become the base model I carry every day. Get yourself on here, already have it? Let me know your thoughts below.