Instun XML-T6


Overview_ The big brother to the common 300 lm model this bad boy is basically just the larger version. It has a larger frame and runs an 18650 battery (see separate charger extra batteries) which seems to offer a little more light and some good throw.


Top/Cap_ Tail cap is a little more rugged offering some traction so the finger/thumb doesn’t slip off and feels a little thicker so it shouldn’t wear out as fast. This model features a full breakdown allowing you to remove top and tail to clean/replace in case lint or dust collects. O-rings are in place to support water resistance however I doubt it would survive long in a full submersion, the clip has two securing screw that are not waterproofed. Cap has a sort of crown for defense however this model (like similar ones) has a magnified dome over the LED creating a strange situation, you can stand it up but not securely and the dome scratches pretty easy. This also doesn’t allow any filters to be used so it your basic white light.


Sides_ Features a strong clip that can be removed with screws to be mounted but wont let you flip it around for versatility. There are no holes for wrist or lanyard so its in the bag or the pocket without many other options and the sides have some good grips.


Activation_  This model supports tail cap button only, not much flexibility or options but remember its on the low end of the budget. Does support mode select with SOS,  strobe, high, low, and mid with fast easy selection. Button seems more rigid than its little brother and has some traction to it offer better grip and longevity.

Pro’s_ tough so far, cheap as Fuh, fits comfortably in the hand

Con’s_ runs an 18650 so you need more add-on’s, lots of pieces, crazy magnifier that scratches easily

bottom line_ It’s a decent backup at best, its large heavy and cheap so it might make sense if its in a car or bag but far from ideal for EDC. If you have to have it go here to scoop one up for around $10.