Klarus Mi7

Overview_ Often something looks so good you go beyond the usual “too good to be true” and forge ahead. I saw a post on another of my favorite publications outlining the Klarus Mi7  and the power it wielded. I read the specs over and over and decided it was certainly for me. It promised everything I needed to put away the LD09 and replace it with more power and better features. But once it arrived I started to notice there were some challenges. While it’s on par for size with most other lights and features a very similar power options it boasted a turbo mode of 700 lumens which if true would make this punch way above its weight. It still seems to cover all the basics with its IPX8 (2m waterproof) and the standard 1m drop rating it won’t be much stronger than anything in its class. I will be honest in the past I didn’t much care about beam distance but after testing so many I have learned it is an important feature to consider. In this case, it claims an 110m beam which again is on par, but when testing against the LD09 I have serious doubts about that claim and the fact it doesn’t present a specific focus point it just splashed light all over, this is not ideal. There are some less common features that stand out, the battery power indicator is handy- flashes 3 times for 70% of more, 2 for 30-70% and 1 for less than 30% this is an awesome quick indicator for those that rely on this day in and day out since most other manufacturers don’t offer anything like this. Having it die at a critical time, sucks.


Top/Cap_ Nothing fancy here, its simple two piece body with a removable cap to access to the battery that is the limit of access, but it is worth noting that there are no exposed electronics so its seems to be pretty durable. This is one complaint I have against the LD09 and makes me a little more confident in the Mi7 for longevity and durability but time will tell in the long run. No scalloped tip here for added defense and doesn’t have anything special like a luminescent ring on the Lumintop but you will find some extra O-rings per the usual and a lanyard.


Body_ Body is strong and so far more durable than other models in that same category however the grip is something left to be desired. While most feature something sharper for those sweaty/wet hands this doesn’t hold on as strong. It’s basically easy to drop and without and anti-roll functions it could get away so beware. At less than 1oz without battery (no idea with) it is significantly lighter than the LD09 and others in its class, making it nice for someone that’s looking for ultimate versatility or backup. It comes with comically long lanyard loop and the holes are again too small to run some paracord through to make your own. A belt clip of some sort would be ideal to carry and could help prevent rolling away something you often see on similar models.


Activation_ It’s no secret I loathe side activation or twist lights (tail cap or bust) but something about the way this is done has me singing a different tune. It’s rather hard to explain without diving into great detail but the way the button switches modes and adjust power is worth a look. It’s strangely intuitive and can even be activated when gripped in a fist. Not something you see often but certainly cool, the detractor here is the fact the button itself isn’t very “tight” and sits very loosely is why it is so easy to activate. This is fine since they have added a lockout feature to make sure you don’t burn it out of blind yourself but under stress? It easy to overcome, some frantic clicking will get the light back on and in a hurry. It is really the most impressive function of the light so far. You also get some excellent variety in modes, running a 14500 its claims 700 lumens (not sure) it seemed more like the same 330 you get from running an AA and even 330 doesn’t look right compared to the LD09 that should be less power. The next step down is the medium at 90 lumens then down to five which has its own way to activate so you always get good power and direct access to the lower setting a super neat way to control power.


Pro’s_ many functions mean versatility, slick activation, small

Con’s_ certainly not 700 lumens, weak grip surface, not a very focused beam

bottom line_ big claims but unless I am missing something its falls short, certainly not 700 lumens and a questionable 330. With no focus on the beam, it claims 110m but again not sure this true in comparison to others in its class. Love the way you activate and switch modes and the battery power indicator, huge win but for the price it may be worth it to look at some slightly more expensive for real specs. Overall I like it but it won’t be replacing my EDC light for now. Can be had here if you need to see it for yourself.