ThorFire PF01


Overview_ OK this think is my speed, I was looking for something a little more portable to carry at work since my primary is a beast (MH-10) and can be considered “unprofessional”. I didn’t expect much since the price tag would lead you to believe its a pile ($16). The more I carried it the more I fell in love with it there is a lot to offer in this small, powerful package only packing a AAA. This is the 2015 model there is also the PF02 which run 2xAAA, more to come on that.


Frame_ The little package that packs a punch and features a crown for defense and a magnified cone around the LED which is where the power comes from. Its solid cap so it doesn’t remove or breakdown however mixed blessing here, this makes it more durable but I fear over time lint/dust may begin to work its way in and fog the lens. For the size and design you wont be able to replace any parts or add filters (not sure you need to) but it does feature some excellent durability, I have dropped it a few times and carry it next to keys without any scratching as of yet. It claims water resistance (not proof) but I would be willing to guess since its a more sealed case that it could hold up just fine beyond the recommended specs.


Sides_ Sides feature an included reversible removable clip for some flexibility and options, this is nice since its light enough to mount to a hat or bite carry should the need arise. Doesn’t feature any lanyard loops or options for wrist straps or additional accessories. There is some light texturing on the side to offer a little grip but isn’t as robust as some similar models.


Activation_ Tail cap only here folks, cant be changed are added onto. However this shouldn’t be a surprise due to the price and sealed case. The big challenge here is the button which is tacky and thick (seems very durable) sticks out past the bottom of the cap. This doesn’t allow it to be stood up and draws concerns that it may activate on its own or wear out faster. The other big miss here is the fact that it doesn’t do any momentary on/off and the selection for light modes is tricky. The default is moonlight then you have to half press it to step up the power, after 2 seconds is defaults back to moonlight. Its as confusing and cumbersome as it sounds.

Pro’s_ cheap, small and light, durable, runs AAA

Con’s_ default mode is moonlight, protruding activation switch, tricky mode select

bottom line_ the pros out weigh the cons here and while it has some quirks its a favorite. Overall this is an excellent EDC model, the common AAA power means so carrying extra batteries or chargers, small and light but with some length to fit in the hand better this is a great budget option and I cant wait to see how it holds up, also be sure to check out the big brother PF02 featuring 2xAAA for a new model. Need it? get it here for only $16, and let me know what you think below.


UPDATE: after a few weeks of testing the light already failed, flickers on and off with no sign of why.