Gift Giving

Some dad's (or grads) are impossible to shop for. Well, there is likely an upgrade that can be made or somewhere else to look. Take a look at our guide to getting dad a light he will not only use but adore as well. We have you covered for all types of dads and budgets... Continue Reading →


Comeback Kid

Not really a comeback but Jetbeam has certainly flown under the radar, and this is too good to skip over. Jetbeam has made a number of great lights but this one stands out. The E20R has some serious power in a rather small package. It blasts out anywhere between 550 and 900 lumens depending on... Continue Reading →

Unlikely Hero

With some recent big move Smith & Wesson appear to be moving to diversify their gear offerings. This one is right up our alley with the Deta Force RM10 and RM20 you are getting some pocketable size and some rifle mountable power. The specs are pretty on par and the price is competitive. With mounts and remote switches you... Continue Reading →

Carry light setup

It's a battle as strong as carry caliber. While it seems less covered there is still plenty of views available on why or why not to run a pistol mounted light versus a handheld. This aticle has covered it very well and offers some good points in both directions and will hopefully make you think. I personally... Continue Reading →

Simplified Power

When picking a light for tactical or EDC use it's easy to overlook charging style or even battery. Features like size, power and rail adoption often eclipse some critical features. Even more so if you need a backup light (everyone should) or an older light you just can't seem to let go of. When I took a... Continue Reading →

The Champ

I am always on the lookout for something small yet still powerful. A balance that is urgent to me since I rely on my lights for tactical practice and application but also everyday pocket carry. I had long looked to replace my current champ the LD 11 but with what? The PD 25 looked like... Continue Reading →

Light holds

While it might not be secret, I am a huge proponent of light use for a number of reasons. De-escalation, target confirmation, and of course as a force multiplier. I prefer to run handheld since I have used my light for more reasons than just shooting or defense. While the below information isn't anything new, one important takeaway... Continue Reading →

Style options

Its no secret, we amoung others are in love with the Foursevens mini mk2. One of the constant complaints for many is the lack of finishes available for EDC lights. Behold your champion. There are some limited editions now available, but acr fast, these are likely to go quick with the holidays right around the... Continue Reading →

Fire and light

While it's pretty common you will need both if you are outdoorsman it's less common the two are combined. A new Kickstarter has popped up that has a pretty unique design offering the a pretty robust torch with fore making capabilites. It features a USB recharge, 150 lumens and a lantern mode. while not outstanding... Continue Reading →

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