Nitecore MH-10


Overview_ This has been my primary for some time now, it has one specific feature I love and a few I am missing. The overall size makes it comfortable but lack the flexibility of some other models in Nitecore’s arsenal makes it far from a favorite. Its got a good weight for its size and offers a full 18650 battery to crank out the LM’s, cost is on par for other mid range flashlights (~$59) but lacks in a few areas.


Case_ This one will breakdown pretty well, letting you replace some O-rings or even clean it pretty well. This is nice since the price would leave you to believe you will keep it a long time.Once all sealed up it has a great feel, sturdy and has some excellent grip. For the size its doesn’t feel huge in the hand and has no defense option on the cap. While the website doesn’t list any filter capability I would venture you could make one work. The base includes a lanyard loop but its not large enough for a DIY or para-cord upgrade. There are some strong concerns over durability I have had it for a few years and chipped it within the first week way too easily (see photo) meaning there are more damages just around the corner. Its also is missing a defensive cap which would have been nice since it is missing some other features.


Sides_ Features some excellent grip, also has a reversible clip (included) that allows you to place it where you need. However for this size and wight it doesn’t fit great on a hat. Flat spots on sides allow you to be flexible on where it sits and ensure it wont roll away even under some movement. USB recharge port is super handy however it doesn’t stay tightly closed, this would be part of the reason its not water proof and will collect debris regularly.

Activation_ This is where most of the challenges lay. This model only features a side mounted activation switch, this means it really needs to be held a certain way to use or up your dexterity game. The button itself is also very thin, this draws some concern over longevity on a short timeline. They is almost no flexibility in comparison to the P12GT, the one big mark of positive here is the recharge. This model features USB recharge option, so no need to carry any extra batteries chargers or even special cables since its a standard mini USB. This is ideal for the business class or those that already carry a backup battery or want to go light.

Pro’s_ easy mode select with memory of last setting, good power output, USB rechargeable on the go

Con’s_ button placement, not very durable, missing accessory options

bottom line_ Its got a good feel and a big plus for the USB recharge which is nice not to carry extras to recharge. The lack of options holds it back based on other models Nitecore has available, the USB flap keeps it from being truly water proof. its available here if you really must have it but its not enough pro’s for it to be a favorite, its a good option but better are out there. Love it, have it? let me know below!