Minor repairs

While it’s likely you have spent some good dollars on a light you love what happens when the battery leaks? It not super common unless you travel to harsh conditions or have back up you store in car/RV/boat/garage  where the elements may get the better. I came across this article outlining a simple process to revamp a torch that had a battery leak. Its pretty straight forward and hopefully something you won’t have to do but  keep it handy just in case. Here are the basics:

“if a flashlight has been damaged as a result of a leaking battery, the flashlight can be cleaned using white vinegar and a brush small enough to fit inside the flashlight housing.  The acid in the white vinegar will help to clean and remove the potassium hydroxide residue left behind by the leaking battery.  Since potassium hydroxide can cause irritation to skin, always wear protective gloves when cleaning a flashlight.

When the cleaning process has been completed, simply rinse the flashlight under running water and let it dry completely before using it again.”

You can read the full deal here but make sure you are careful, I am certain most warranties won’t cover battery leaks and they certainly won’t cover water damage.