Long light

This is an interesting concept for sure, more for setting up base camp but has some extended functionality as well. It’s likely you carry a headlamp and or a pocket torch to see around when camp is setup or to check on dinner. But something more powerful or flexible will always come in handy. Power Tactical has a neat portable rope light that pumps out about 180 lumens and comes in a 5 or 10ft length to help light up camp. It even has some uses for outside camp, home projects or the mechanic would likely benefit as well. Take a look at it here.



Cerakote all the things

While many firearms enthusiasts are aware Cerakote offers some excellent stylization while strengthening. What most other wont know is the immense benefit for non firearm related applications. It can often be over looked as an option for make your EDC items or in a more specific case your light better looking and more durable. It might sure does make sense, its likely you spent some dollars and a good torch why not protect it or add some person flair. Check out this link to find someone near you and get some work done. Comment below if you have had it done, I would love to see it.


Intelligent Light

While I am unable to say I NEED this, its easy to see it could actually come in handy. One of the big challenges for EDC torch carriers is having extra batteries or chargers to lug around, it looks like Four Sevens has a more advanced solution, app integration. On their Smart Series (Seen here) you get number of benefits with the app integrated series like power output and proximity alarm but the real feature is in seeing battery life and run time. Take the guess work out of where the power level is at and leave all the extras at home.


Olight S1A

The gold standard form EDC lights is at it again. The new Olight S1A Baton now supporting 600 lumens from a AA and sports some stand out features like waterproofing up to 6ft. Pretty impressive and has what looks like a great size check it out below, or scoop one up here. Have it? Love it? let me know below.

Fenix LD09 (2015)

New review day, I take a look at the intense testing of the LD09. Its my new everyday carry so I have some good time on it under my belt and some real love for the little powerhouse, its got a lot but does it have everything? Go in depth Here.


Feature Upgrade

While I have only recently spilled the pintos on one of my new favorites the LD11, its not short behind there is another. I really over looked the Fenix RC05 as an option, it holds much of the same in the LD11 but a nice add on of the magnetic base and super slick USB recharge option. This is ideal for the business traveler or tech guy since a USB is never far away. This would limit needing bulky chargers or spare batteries as someone might travel often or just wants to lighten their load. Worth a look for a rechargeable especially at that $55 price point.


Compact Power

While I don’t personally own it yet (I have been testing the LD09) its quickly and easily my new favorite. Once I officially get my hands on it I will go more in depth, but for now be on the look out for the Fenix LD11, this thing has it all. Small (but not too small), light and runs either a AA or a 14500 (for additional power). Crown top and button operation checks just about EVERY box I have for size, ease of use, ease of maintenance and price. This. is. it.


Big Decision: what’s better for tactical use

While you might not think about it as much as you do weapon choice or medical kits a decent flashlight choice will be a make a break decision. Its been discussed in the past what or some good tactical options but what if you are needing something in between? Its likely you carry and EDC light but what about when training with a sidearm? rifle? shotgun? how do you choose. Lets work out the details here and help you make some more informed decisions.